Sat 10 Jul 2021

<div>Full Release: newcastle-bst - Harvard referencing style as recommended by Newcastle University</div>

Full Release: newcastle-bst - Harvard referencing style as recommended by Newcastle University

A couple of months ago I released a blog post about LateX. At the bottom of the post I made quick reference to a BibTeX style I had created for the referencing used by Newcastle University. The style had a few bugs and was quite hard to find it but it was left dormant while I made some other software and focused on work.

I am now pleased to say that I have spent some work polishing it up, fixing some issues, and giving it a proper release. It's even on CTAN!. If you are a student and notice any issues, please report them on GitHub

Release Notes

newcastle-bst: Harvard referencing style as recommended by Newcastle University

This package provides a BibTeX style to format reference lists in the Harvard at Newcastle style recommended by Newcastle University. It should be used alongside natbib for citations.


The required style file is available from GitHub and CTAN. You can use the style by copying it into your working directory containing your .tex file. You can also add it to your bst directory in your tex path to use it without having to copy it over each time.

Using the style

To use the style include this in your preamble:


Also remember to specify your .bib file at the end of the document:


The easiest way to create .bib files for this style is through exporting entries from a reference manager such as Mendeley. However, some parts are not available through this (such as titleaddon for computer programs). If you notice any discrepancies between generated references and the recommended styles then please raise this on GitHub


Copyright 2021 Luke Briggs This work consists of the documented newcastle.bst file.

The text files contained in this work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the LATEX Project Public License (LPPL), either version 1.3c of this license or (at your option) any later version.

This work has had no input from Newcastle University and is done entirely in order to help other students create bibliography quicker.

This work is ‘maintained’ (as per LPPL maintenance status) by Luke Briggs.